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   Here is just a small example of the liaisons that I offer.

                                            My Girlfriend Experience Packages

"~~~Intimacy Sans Intricacy~~~"

The "Girlfriend Experience" is an experience that blurs the boundaries between a commercial transaction and a romantic relationship. As you can see I have fittingly donned my GFE encounters after romantic poets and writers. 

The Neruda

Here we will delve deeper with less limits and far more intimacy than any other encounter. My goal is to create a fun, personal and loving experience that will leave us both wanting more. Our bespoke rendezvous will take place in a spacious private bungalow or PlayLand with dinner, drinks and a jacuzzi for two. I love playing sensual games, incorporating toys, oils and bedroom accessories to heighten our arousal during this liaison. We will have the intimacy and closeness without the commitment and hassles involved with traditional relationships. I will be your best kept secret.

In the Neruda we can meet for as many hours as we wish.


The Blake

Dinner Date and Breakfast in Bed. 

In this encounter we have a wonderful surf and turf dinner and jacuzzi in a private bungalow.After some fun I "go home" to my private boudoir for some much needed break. In the morning I join you for breakfast. And more fun in bed!

The Fitzgerald


That one word speaks volumes! In the Fitzgerald we begin with dinner and do not part ways until after breakfast the following day.

Looking for even more time than just an overnight? Inquire about Wife for a Week or Weekend.


Nuru massage and Group Sex !

Group Sensual Decadence 

I LOVE to play with other women! Two Girl Shows and Two Girl Parties are some of my favorites. I also enjoy couples encounters. I love being a unicorn!

NURU Massage

I love giving Nuru massages. It is one of my favorite experiences and is exclusive only to Sheris's Ranch. Sheri's Ranch is the ONLY legal brothel in Nevada to offer it. A  Nuru massage is a super erotic, warm, wet, hands free, body to body massage.My large, soft, natural breasts are the perfect tools to add to this exquisite experience. The happy ending is up to you.

Ada Lovelace  A Legal Las Vegas Nevada Brothel Escort

Fantasy and Role play!



I love Roleplaying. I have quite an imaginative and insatiable mind. We have the perfect building for bringing awesome roleplays to life. Have an office fantasy?  School teacher? The PlayLand has several rooms that can entertain any fantasy

The Porn Star Experience!

We have an all new Porn Star Experience Room! In this room filming of our hot encounter can occur. You will have a lifetime keepsake! Filming not your thing?

This room is still perfect for sexy voyeur and exhibitionist fantasies. This beautiful room is my favorite to play in!

Inquire for more details.

The Marquis de Sade

The Marquis De Sade

For those of you who recognize this name then you know what this encounter is all about. This is for those who are interested in the darker side of sexuality. I am unarguably by far the most experienced provider in Nevada when it comes to kink and BDSM. I got involved in the lifestyle while I was still a teenager and enjoyed nearly two decades of traveling the US and the UK indulging and teaching. I have starred in numerous BDSM videos,  done latex modeling, mentored dozens of Mistresses, been on the cover of several fetish magazines,  have taught countless workshops across the US and UK.  I have also owned commercial dungeons in NYC and London too. I still have a fully equipped dungeon in my home. I possess a huge array of kink toys at my disposable as well as a highly impressive (and very expensive) fetish wardrobe involving leather and latex. Ask to see some of my videos on my phone when we meet if you'd like. DO note however that I am only available for these parties as a Dominant. Other options are:

Mistress and Female sub (if she is presently available)

And Double Dominance/ Double Mistress encounter (IF another well trained Mistress is available at the same time)  I will not play with neophyte Mistresses for issues concerning safety and authenticity.  Fall into exquisite sub space at the hands of two beautiful and experienced Dominant Goddesses

Double Dominance/ Female sub encounter. If a female submissive is present at the time I am, then this is a wonderful option to explore topping together! This is a wonderful way for newbie tops to learn how to safely and properly explore and administer BDSM with a highly experienced guide and teacher in kink. Not only will you learn proper technique, but also the important ritual of aftercare so that your sub leaves feeling fulfilled and at peace.

Are you an experienced top and always wanted to dominate a hot submissive alongside a highly experienced, gorgeous, latex clad Mistress? Here's your chance!  And in a safe and legal environment.

With all of the Marquis De Sade encounters I highly prefer that you give me as much notice as possible. Although I bring a lot of equipment to the Ranch, I strongly prefer that we establish communication prior to my next trip. This intricate encounter is highly personalized and will entail  a detailed conversation about your interests, past experiences and of course your limits. We will dive deep into your fantasies and taste them all one by one. 

This brief curated "menu" is NOT a complete list of options for liaisons. Feel free to inquire on my Contact page about other types of encounters.