Legal and Licensed Brothel Escort | By Las Vegas Nevada

Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located and how can I meet with you?

I am located at the beautiful Sheri's Ranch Resort and Spa at 10551 Homestead Rd, Pahrump Nevada. It is just a short drive from Las Vegas, Nevada. Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas or anywhere in Clark County.  It is however, legal right here in Nye County. If you would like to meet me simply send me an email with when you'd like to meet and what kind of encounter you are looking for. You would fly into Las Vegas Airport to get to me, McCarran International Airport

How much do you charge for your services?

Although these arrangements are legal, discussing prices online or on the phone is against Nevada state law. This conversation can only be discussed in the privacy of my boudoir at the Ranch. Please know that prices depend on activity as well as the time. I do my absolute best to work with all budgets, but please keep in mind that I'm an upscale luxury companion with an hourly rate that I try to keep at a consistent value. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and all forms of debit and credit cards. Parties can also be paid for by being spread out on multiple credit cards. Our billing is very discreet. We also have two ATMs on site. Please be sure that if you choose to pay by card be sure to have your current photo ID with you. And be sure that it isn't expired.If you are traveling to Nevada from out of state, be sure that your bank is aware that you are traveling too. I have seen that ruin far too many possible good times! 

Are you available for outcalls or Fly Me To You?

That is a very loud and resounding NO. 

I am *only* available to meet for legal engagements, so please never ask me to meet with you outside of the Ranch. I wouldn't ask you or anyone else to violate the law, so please show me the same respect.

What are your stats?

I am a dress size 6  with natural 32 E cups breasts. 

I don't have any tattoos or piercings. I

I stand at 5'7 without my heels on.

I have blue eyes and currently have long dark brown hair.

  As you can tell from my photos my hair has often changed. I have done a lot of modeling over the years for both professional and creative endeavors and I love to display my portfolio. As of April 2019, I have been a brunette.And that might change by the end of the summer. ;)

Is it safe to come to a legal brothel?

Coming to a legal Nevada brothel is the absolute safest option there is to see a courtesan. It is highly discreet as well as legal.If you reside in the United States then you are aware that prostitution is illegal. Except for certain counties right here in Nevada! Coming to see a lady at a legal brothel will always be safer then seeing an escort anywhere else. Not only will you never have to worry about being caught up in a police sting,  but as licensed brothel courtesans we are also required to pass background checks and weekly STD tests. Coming to see me at the legal brothel is by far the safest and most discreet option. 


Do I have to use a condom?

Condom use for all activities in a Nevada brothel is mandatory by law.

How is this legal? Is this for real?

Yes, it is 100% legal and yes, really! I am a legal and licensed provider. Prostitution was legalized in certain counties in Nevada back in the 1970's. It is only legal in certain counties that are under a certain population. This is why prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas which is in Clark County, Nevada. The legal brothel that I am at is located in Nye County which is  a short drive west of Las Vegas. Why take tremendous risks when you don't have to?

Which airport do I fly to?

The closest airport is McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are about an hour drive from the Las Vegas airport.

Do you have any videos ?

I am currently working on a clip store with video and audio recordings. That link will be available on this site under the Media section. I will also be available for phone and text sessions as well. We can interact there and let that anticipation and excitement build for our future IRL meeting! :)

What are your favorite kind of parties?

There are quite a few encounters that I excel at providing. I LOVE my intimate and organic Girlfriend Experience Parties. Especially extended ones. There are far less rules and less limits on activities and I adore the connection and intimacy.

Although I am renowned for my authentic and personal Girlfriend Experiences, I am a multi-faceted courtesan and am very well versed in all aspects of kink and fetish exploration. I am amazing at roleplaying and our PlayLand building at the Ranch is perfect for bringing fantasies to life. See my Marquis De Sade Experiences for more detail if this kind of experience strikes your fancy. Not everyone is looking for vanilla. ;) 

I also LOVE Two Girl Parties! I absolutely adore playing with one (or more!) of my gorgeous girlfriends! 

And I am incredible at the infamous Nuru Massage. A Nuru is a hot, erotic, hands free, body to body massage with gel derived from Japanese seaweed .As you can imagine, my  large , soft natural breasts make it quite an exquisite experience! Sheri's is the only legal brothel in Nevada to offer the Nuru Massage! Come see for yourself and be forever changed.

Can I bring you a gift?

 Thank you!

Gifts  are never a requirement but are  always deeply appreciated! I love generosity in a suitor. Do know however that gifts are never taken  as payment for any sessions. I highly prefer that you present the gift in person but I understand that is not always possible. In that case, they can be sent to the Ranch in my name. The link to my "Wish list" is under Spoil Me. Thank you again for consideration!


Why do you obscure your face in photos?

Like you, I highly value my discretion and privacy. And like you, I am also a professional outside of the Ranch when I am not present there taking appointments. Although being a sex worker at a Nevada brothel is legal, I do not want to deal with the negative repercussions with my science related career on the outside. I worked too hard on my education and professional ordeals just to jeopardize it all  because I have a freaky side and enjoy a mental vacation from Corporate America every few weeks. I am frequently told by my clientele that my beautiful pictures do me absolutely no justice. My reviews from my suitors speak for themselves. 

Do I have to tip you?

Gratuities are not required at all but of course it is greatly appreciated. It does help off set the costs I incur while being at the Ranch. (Daily rent, drivers fees, weekly medical tests, Sheriffs cards etc.) But again, it is not required. No extra cash on you? No problem! In lieu of a cash tip, I also deeply appreciate a positive honest review on the website about our encounter. That is always a lovely and wonderful gift to me showing your appreciation of our experience. :)

How far are you from Las Vegas Nevada?

Not far at all!  Sheri's  Ranch is the closest legal brothel from Las Vegas, Nevada. It's only a short 60  mile drive from Vegas.