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Get To Know Ada Lovelace

Additional Information

Hello and welcome! I am Ada Lovelace. I am a beautiful,  fun loving, intelligent, compassionate and classy courtesan who relishes life, the world and the intricacies and  pursuit of human pleasure. I am a Southern Belle who moved north years ago to matriculate at one of the nation's finest Ivy League Universities, but in a sense I have never stopped being a student. I love to learn and indulge in new experiences.I am also a former Ford model and of course very well traveled. I pride myself in being all natural and my silky white skin is free of tattoos and plastic surgery. Upon our initial introduction you will find that I am articulate, elegant and refined with an approachable down to earth charm and warmth. My suitors tell me that my conversation skills, genuine sincerity, sense of humour and compassion are just as delightful as my sexy vivacious and sometimes animalistic nature behind closed doors. My range of sensuality goes from the vanilla carnal pursuits to the other side. I am extremely well versed in all aspects of kink and fetish fantasy for those interested in something different. (So don't be afraid to ask!) 

In my spare time I am a "maker", a lover of science and technology (go Linux!), gamer, reader, martial artist and much more. Should you care to learn more you will find that I am delightfully unique, deliberately enigmatic and never a dull moment.

But this isn't about me, is it?  To you, a woman is a meaningful pursuit instead of a disposable pleasure.You desire a simple relationship with a complex individual, someone you'd never find otherwise.You know what you want and you have intricately honed your desires to a sharp razor's edge with a ravenous appetite! 


 Or perhaps instead of searching for excitement you're seeking something a little deeper?

 Perhaps an encounter with a touch (or more) of romance and empathy...some fun and intimacy to relieve the stress and escape the world for a wonderful blissful moment. I adore suitors who are intelligent and who possess a certain amount of worldliness, gravitas and life experiences who cherish women and everything feminine about them. Men such as these compliment me greatly and bring me to such sensual equilibrium. 

Whether it be a mind blowing fleeting moment of an encounter, or, a long lasting bond that we  build- it will be special and memorable. If after reading this you believe that we may connect, please don't hesitate to contact me about meeting me.